Sipping Kentucky

I tend to really bond with the places that enliven my taste buds and weave a flavor on my tongue to accompany the vision I capture in a camera. Kentucky was destined to become my summer crush. It was Willett Distillery that sealed the bond. It wasn't even originally in our carefully planned trip book... Continue Reading →

Checking Progress

A little over six weeks ago I was pacing at the last aid station of the Never Summer 100K thinking I was in way over my head. My job was to run as pacer with my buddy (the true badass runner) for the last eight miles of her arduous day on her feet. I was... Continue Reading →

Do the Work

It has been a little more than a month since I set my intentions on being a trail runner. I doubted my ability to be a pacer for an ultra-runner at the end of July, but by mid-August I had signed up for trail races in Monument Valley and Bryce Canyon, and started training for... Continue Reading →

Ketchup and Hot Sauce

It is a few weeks shy of the twenty-fourth anniversary of the day I got married. That relates because I have just launched into a new business endeavor with the woman that stood beside me that day as maid of honor. I am quite certain neither of us ever saw this day coming. Photography is... Continue Reading →

Familiar, but Different

It was a wild winter in Colorado. Snow thundered down avalanche paths and altered the landscape in dramatic ways. Forests disrupted. Rivers moved. We have spent plenty of days walking the forks of the Cimarron River as they enter Silver Jack Reservoir in the Cimarron Range of Southwest Colorado. It is one of our go-to... Continue Reading →

Whimsy and Lead

Around the time my mother was turning 45 I was a frustrated teenager begging her to allow me to try out for the track team. I desperately wanted to have an outlet for energy and social contacts that did not involve church. Maybe it was the latter point that prompted the firm no, although I... Continue Reading →

Humility Lessons

I stared at my new nemesis in a snot-fest snowstorm on the bunny hill of Alta. Snotty-nosed Utah wunderkind made it look so easy but when I tried to load onto the button lift with its tiny little orange landing pad on the menacing rope, I got spit out and snickers arose from the kiddos.... Continue Reading →

Becoming Melis’

The sky has the pregnant look of impending delivery of snowflakes, but I have learned to distrust such things here in the valley floor. I have also realized it is kind of nice to not have to shovel before leaving the house to ski. If it snows above 8,000 feet, I am usually content. Under... Continue Reading →

Helping Myself

The universe is trying to tell me something. I am never drawn to self-help books but for some reason I insisted on Stephen downloading a copy of Jen Sincero’s “You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” for my iPod. I nearly did not make it past... Continue Reading →

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