Fashion Sense

My husband told me the other day that he loves that I have reached the stage of life where I’m “adorably eccentric” with my clothing choices and “could give a darn what others think.” It is totally true. If I want to put on a beanie and run around town, I will. Of course it helps that I have moved away from urban environs where women are expected to have coifed hair and slick attire. In a mountain town I am free to be me.p340_10052014-246

My attire for fishing is a work in progress. Years of being a rock and ice climber have resulted in acquisition of photogenic colors. My bright pinks and turquoises tend to spook the lurking fish I seek. Now I need to subdue my look. When we headed into the boonies two weeks ago to fish little mountain streams with a buddy, I packed the tamest things I had that would keep me warm in light of sub-freezing night time temperatures. The tan down skirt was a last minute addition—one I highly recommend.

Sure it looked a little funny wearing a skirt over my soft shell pants as I stood on that boulder and cast into the shallow pools and riffles, but I was cozy despite the thirty something temperatures. And while the trout weren’t biting despite my efforts at subterfuge, neither was the wind. And the blasé blue Buff® infinity tube wrapped around my head and neck helped ward off the chill too. My flair was concealed and my core temperature was ideal. The point is this, women who play outside shouldn’t care how it looks. Function comes first, fashion is, well optional if you ask me. But my husband suggests this is just an age of enlightenment I have reached. So be it. Embrace the goofiness! And maybe by doing so you’ll catch more fish.

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