Stop the Monumental Madness Part 2

Never be afraid to tell the ones in DC what you expect of them.

“To my voices in DC, Senators Gardner and Bennett, and Representative Tipton:

I live in Montrose. Let’s just get this out the open–like many others, we moved to Colorado for outdoor recreation. We needed to live in a state that understood the importance of protecting the environment, cherished the diverse natural playgrounds within, and valued the impact of recreation on the economy. We came from a state that bowed at every opportunity to king oil. Colorado is the shining example of the attitude we sought and share, and, I believe you are a leader that takes that message to DC. What I ask of you now is to be bold and shout the message a lot louder. Get it to right ears that need to hear it before we lose our national monuments and continue down a slippery slope of giving away our public lands. Their sites are set on Bears Ears and Grand Staircase, but does anyone believe they will stop there? This is a toe in the water and we need to make it a toxic dip they never want to attempt again.

The executive order this week directing the Department of Interior to review the designation of national monuments is a bold-face attempt to steal land, and sacred places, from all Americans for the sake of oil, coal, and natural gas development. While only one such treasure chest, Canyons of the Ancients, is within Colorado, a place my husband and I love to explore, all of the targeted monuments are important and invaluable. I ask you to be a voice strongly advocating against short-sighted and hasty decisions that undermine a thriving economic driver. I beg you to think like a Coloradoan and not a member of the governing party in DC. If we let these protected lands slip away now there will never be another chance. You are one with the power to do something to stop it. You can remind the Secretary of the Interior of the true operation of the Antiquities Act. You can remind him that the states, although fully benefiting from the existence of national monuments within their boundaries do not own that land and never have. You can make him listen. Please be the voice of the Colorado outdoor loving population.

Please do everything you can to prevent loss of any national monument, the loss of even one acre deemed worthy by a past president for protection, the loss of our American soul.”

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