Donny, Marie, and Trout

Stephen said something the other day that’s got me thinking about Donny and Marie, although the route to such a thought is a tad convoluted. That’s just how I roll. In anticipation of us taking over the Tenkara USA Instagram feed for a spell, we were discussing what we each consider as our preferred fishing day. Our answers differed but play well off each other. I’m about a mountain stream and he’s all about his mountain lakes. That’s when it came to me–I’m a little bit country and he’s a little bit rock & roll.

It is a fact–I do like a country song, a country road, and stream tumbling down from the mountains. I like the mental challenge of figuring out where the fish are, selecting the right fly, and dropping it in to see what happens. And I’ll spend the time it takes to prove my initial assessment was correct, well beyond the patience of my trusted fishing buddy. Admittedly sometimes that is fruitless, but country songs have trained me for heartbreak. I just grab a beverage and hum a new tune about it.

Stephen is far more urban (not to be confused with an Urban fan, that’s me). He’s lived in diverse places and seen more of the world. He does not own purple socks, but he’s got a broader perspective and more edge. He’s happiest at a teal body of water, preferably above tree line, where the fish may be smaller but have a lot of grit. He likes to toss a fly into reflecting clouds and hope for a strike. Not that he does not enjoy moving water, but lakes sheltering trout, that are earned by a good long walk are what suits him.

The beauty of this partnership is that we balance each other out. Too much time at the lake makes you lazy about picking a spot and stalking a pocket fish. Too much time in the river and you might become obsessive about analyzing every little thing. We need both flavors, just like we need a little bit of country and a little bit of rock & roll.

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