If Trout Could Vote

I recall a warm night in 2016. It was a time before we associated crazytown with the White House, and politicians were angling for spotlight time in the race to be president. Truly the stage was set, they were vying for 2020. It was convention time and the Democrats had the stage. Among the eager pack was the junior senator from New Jersey. As I sat at my tying desk cooking up a new fly pattern with purple thread, grouse feather, and peacock hurl–the passionate words of Cory Booker drifted through the living room. The fly was simple but flashy, common but capable of inciting desire. Inspired by the words I heard as I tied off the fly, I called it the Cory Booker kebari, Booker for short.

The logic behind my purple fly experiment evades me now. I suspect it just seemed like it might draw the eye of a fish. As it turns out, I have caught more trout on the Booker than any other fly. For some reason trout like it, across different geographies. The tiny trout in small creeks really snap at it. The alpine lakes are full of Booker fans. And I’ve had a few tailwater trout take the fly. If trout could vote, Booker is a clear winner.

I’ll keep tying my little purple flies. Crazytown and the circus of DC can resolve their issues. I’ll be at the water with Cory Booker. And, for the record, I hear the trout fishing is pretty good in New Jersey so if Senator Booker ever wants to try out my fly, I’d love to go fishing with him as well.

Another one bites the Booker.

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