Voices of Bears Ears

Voices are screaming, howling, pleading, and hoping for the protection of the canyons, sagebrush forests, and cliffs full of history and sacred messages. The chorus is diverse and loud, but drums beat a counter-point that appears to resonate with the ones making decisions at the highest levels. Rather than listen to land, the wind in... Continue Reading →

Stop the Monumental Madness Part 2

Never be afraid to tell the ones in DC what you expect of them. "To my voices in DC, Senators Gardner and Bennett, and Representative Tipton: I live in Montrose. Let's just get this out the open--like many others, we moved to Colorado for outdoor recreation. We needed to live in a state that understood... Continue Reading →

Stop the Monumental Madness

I do not shy away from the fact I am a passionate advocate for public lands and protecting the National Parks, Monuments, Historical Sites and other federal lands.  And to that end, I sent the following letter to Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior. I get that extraction of resources is tempting, and frankly keeps... Continue Reading →

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