Checking Progress

A little over six weeks ago I was pacing at the last aid station of the Never Summer 100K thinking I was in way over my head. My job was to run as pacer with my buddy (the true badass runner) for the last eight miles of her arduous day on her feet. I was... Continue Reading →

Familiar, but Different

It was a wild winter in Colorado. Snow thundered down avalanche paths and altered the landscape in dramatic ways. Forests disrupted. Rivers moved. We have spent plenty of days walking the forks of the Cimarron River as they enter Silver Jack Reservoir in the Cimarron Range of Southwest Colorado. It is one of our go-to... Continue Reading →

A Park to Befriend

be·friend (verb) To act as a friend to (someone) by offering help or support.   There are many ways to delineate my life, but one of my favorites is to draw a bright line at the point I moved next door to a national park. Before then, we had to plan for months and travel on our... Continue Reading →

Beside the River

I sat by a mountain stream and stared at the cliffs above. Shallow, cold water rolled past my bare feet and I let my head wander as my body sat still and bathed in the sunshine. I recalled countless times as a child that I had played next to a stream or on a lake... Continue Reading →

Voices of Bears Ears

Voices are screaming, howling, pleading, and hoping for the protection of the canyons, sagebrush forests, and cliffs full of history and sacred messages. The chorus is diverse and loud, but drums beat a counter-point that appears to resonate with the ones making decisions at the highest levels. Rather than listen to land, the wind in... Continue Reading →

Donny, Marie, and Trout

Stephen said something the other day that’s got me thinking about Donny and Marie, although the route to such a thought is a tad convoluted. That’s just how I roll. In anticipation of us taking over the Tenkara USA Instagram feed for a spell, we were discussing what we each consider as our preferred fishing... Continue Reading →

"Three-fourths of the Earth's surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn."~ Chuck Clark And, it sure looks like it could rain. The yard can wait.

A Fly Nearby

"O, sir, doubt not that Angling is an art; is it not an art to deceive a trout with an artificial fly?" ~ Isaak Walton There's a fly dangling from one of the rods on the rack above my desk. It is one I tied, one I caught a fish on, and one that now... Continue Reading →

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