Looking Back on 2016

In an hour or so I will head to the Uncompahgre River for what is likely the last chance I’ll get to catch a fish in 2016. The water will be cold and riverbanks icy but the sun-warmed air will feel good. The tally of fishing days in 2016 is a smaller number than I... Continue Reading →

Season Opener

There were about eight hours last week when I was in fishing limbo and I did not like it. Not having a current fishing license in Colorado felt a bit like staring at the ski pass on my coat the morning after closing day. The situation of lawful fishing is easier to rectify than scratching... Continue Reading →

Backpacking Jones Hole

I don’t normally broadcast fishing destinations. We all covet the secret spot, the stash of fish in a pretty place that no one knows about. Yet I feel like keeping this to myself would be a sin, the feral Baptist in me rears its head.  Thou shalt not prevent fellow anglers from having a great... Continue Reading →

Stick Fishing

A few weeks back when the aspens leaves were still clinging to the trees and painting the world in golden colors we set out with our fishing gear and a thermos of margaritas (often an essential piece in our day hike ensemble). There were rumors of an “okay” lake with a bounty of trout and... Continue Reading →

Watch Your Line

I wish it was an azul piñata, stuffed with sweet treats and a token of some happy event. Or maybe a dazzling blue wind chime softly ringing in the breeze beside the lake. I'd even be content if it was a cobalt kite draped over a branch, dropped from the sky. The reality, however, is... Continue Reading →

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