Sleeping Bag Therapy

How is it that a nylon sack stuffed with feathers or polyfill can restore balance in a sometimes-twisty world? One “bag night” can deliver therapeutic benefits beyond anything chemical or funky mushrooms. Spend a night out in fresh air tucked into a sleeping bag and you’ll find your blood running with more vigor and neurons... Continue Reading →

The Little Ones

There is a mental game I have played since childhood. I envision the world through the eyes of a colony of amazing tiny humans. I have assured my husband that “Inch People” are not only real, but perhaps the superior race. Small is the new standing tall. They do not shy away from big challenges.... Continue Reading →

Backpacking Jones Hole

I don’t normally broadcast fishing destinations. We all covet the secret spot, the stash of fish in a pretty place that no one knows about. Yet I feel like keeping this to myself would be a sin, the feral Baptist in me rears its head.  Thou shalt not prevent fellow anglers from having a great... Continue Reading →

All the Women in the Woods

I’ve spent a lot of time on the trail, we lost track somewhere around 800 miles recorded in the journal, and that tally didn’t count the little day hikes here and there. In all those miles there is one thing I have rarely encountered, and it always discourages me. Nature has many colors and I... Continue Reading →

Fish Naked

It was one of those days when the experience of fishing was superior to the actual catching of fish. We stood entranced beside Lake 4 (of 7) in the Ten Lakes Basin of Yosemite’s High Sierra. We’d backpacked in the day before under the threat of annihilation by lightning bolts, or at least it felt... Continue Reading →

Take a Vet Fishing

My first thought this morning was about my workout plan and need to get moving. My second thought was a recognition that it was Veterans’ Day and that I should have sent my vet off to his workout with a big thank you kiss instead of the half asleep presentation of a cheek near the... Continue Reading →

Special Places

I call them “heart homes”—locations where Mother Nature packages up some of her finest trees, peaks, waterfalls, flowers, sandstone arches, whatever moves you—and you find yourself leaving pieces of your heart there to collect on another visit. At first it is the mind that meanders back to visit, but then the first pilgrimage is planned... Continue Reading →

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