If Trout Could Vote

I recall a warm night in 2016. It was a time before we associated crazytown with the White House, and politicians were angling for spotlight time in the race to be president. Truly the stage was set, they were vying for 2020. It was convention time and the Democrats had the stage. Among the eager... Continue Reading →

Vicariously Guiding

Some of my happiest days have been the ones spent outdoors with strangers. For a few years the dream was alive that I could at least be a part-time rock climbing and hiking guide. For me, nothing was better than seeing a person, especially the teenage girls, transform from nervous novice at the base of a... Continue Reading →

Reality TV and Fly Time

I have been waiting for this season for awhile. It is a new year with lots of fishing time ahead, but first I need to put a whole lot of flies in our fly boxes. My enthusiasm for this particular time involves my peculiar predilection for tying flies while binging on reality tv. As a... Continue Reading →

Stick Fishing

A few weeks back when the aspens leaves were still clinging to the trees and painting the world in golden colors we set out with our fishing gear and a thermos of margaritas (often an essential piece in our day hike ensemble). There were rumors of an “okay” lake with a bounty of trout and... Continue Reading →

Forest and Lake to Fork

I grew up with a pretty good understanding of where food came from, with a giant garden in our yard and an even larger one at my grandparents'. I knew the farmers that raised our beef. Grandpa taught me how to fish so I also knew some meat could come from the end of your... Continue Reading →

Needle and Thread

I cannot recall if it was Christmas or my birthday, they are close enough in time that they blur, but one of my aunts gave the young me a starter embroidery kit of four floral stamped hankies and colorfully threaded needles. It used to be a rite of passage thing that ladies went through—learn the... Continue Reading →

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