Stoneflies at the Ankle

A week earlier I’d been instructed to lie on a grassy space with a moulage bruise plastered on my ankle and various puzzling symptoms, allergies, and behaviors to portray. The fellow wilderness first responders seeking recertification that came to my rescue quickly identified my “true” issues and moved on to explore the logic behind the... Continue Reading →

Opening the Portal

The calendar suggests it is spring in Colorado, however the memo to Mother Nature may have gotten scrambled in delivery. The weather has been squirrely with snow storms and dreary days outnumbering the bluebird, snowmelt-inducing sunny days. Despite that, the canals are open and the rivers are blowing out. The time for tail-water and reservoirs... Continue Reading →

Life Got in the Way

A headstand to start the day, some time to write, and bountiful opportunities to throw a line at the water—these are a few of the things the keep me on the positive end of the happy scale.  The past few months I’ve been the one swimming against currents with little time to fish or write... Continue Reading →

Down the Chukar

As winter sets in and showers the State of Colorado with shimmering white snow that always seems to harbor diamonds that vaporize upon approach, I am basking in that last glorious day of fishing before the season turned. We only caught one petite brown between the two of us. The experience was not epic for... Continue Reading →

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