Wading Beneath the Bathtub Ring

Every year I live in the West I shed another layer of my prior contempt for dams. The naivety I possessed growing up in the water-rich environment of Minnesota, and the disgust I felt for those red mud-infused waters of Oklahoma, has been informed by life where mountain water drains towards the desert but only... Continue Reading →

There’s a Dam On My River

Raised in a state that enjoys abundant clean water stored in thousands of natural lakes carved long ago by glaciers, I grew up hostile to the concept of strangling rivers. And, the good fortune of all those sparkling lakes meant I could carry my monkey wrench and rant against concrete.  Fifteen years in Oklahoma with... Continue Reading →

Changing Seasons

Today was the day. The fishing bin came out of the back of the truck. We transitioned a few weeks ago to the smaller tub with just a couple of rods, nets, streamlined fly box, and the necklace of tools. The grain shovel, tow rope, and kitty litter pushed even those few things out today.... Continue Reading →

Cross Training

“Loose grips sink picks”—it took me at least three seasons of climbing ice to realize the key to a good swing of my axe into the ice sculptures I like to ascend was to loosen up and let it fly. It’s about the flick of the wrist, a surge of momentum at that last moment... Continue Reading →

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