Stoneflies at the Ankle

A week earlier I’d been instructed to lie on a grassy space with a moulage bruise plastered on my ankle and various puzzling symptoms, allergies, and behaviors to portray. The fellow wilderness first responders seeking recertification that came to my rescue quickly identified my “true” issues and moved on to explore the logic behind the... Continue Reading →

Season Opener

There were about eight hours last week when I was in fishing limbo and I did not like it. Not having a current fishing license in Colorado felt a bit like staring at the ski pass on my coat the morning after closing day. The situation of lawful fishing is easier to rectify than scratching... Continue Reading →

Plays Well With Others

One of my fishing holes has undergone a massive overhaul since I moved to town. Montrose took a great stretch of the Uncompaghre through town and turned it into a phenomenal water sports park. What used to be series of tame drops and pools is now big waves and shockingly large eddies. But the coolest... Continue Reading →

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