Stream to Steam

Traditionally it would be the catch that goes from the stream to the cook pot. Yellowstone has the famous Fishing Pot Geyser known in times past to have boiled a few feasts of the trout persuasion. We have a growing obsession with a variation on that theme. Nature has wonderfully placed hot springs near mountain... Continue Reading →

Rules to Fish By

We are just three weeks shy of twenty years of wedded bliss. It’s a good life we have. We have very few ground rules beyond love each other, chase adventure together, and be kind always. Sure we have gravitated towards assigned tasks--I’m better with laundry and he’s super awesome with coffee. But we have a... Continue Reading →

Fish Naked

It was one of those days when the experience of fishing was superior to the actual catching of fish. We stood entranced beside Lake 4 (of 7) in the Ten Lakes Basin of Yosemite’s High Sierra. We’d backpacked in the day before under the threat of annihilation by lightning bolts, or at least it felt... Continue Reading →

Taking John Fishing

“It seems strange that visitors to Yosemite should be so little influenced by its novel grandeur, as if their eyes were bandaged and their ears stopped. Most of those I saw yesterday were looking down as if wholly unconscious of anything going on about them, while the sublime rocks were trembling with the tones of... Continue Reading →

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