Humility Lessons

I stared at my new nemesis in a snot-fest snowstorm on the bunny hill of Alta. Snotty-nosed Utah wunderkind made it look so easy but when I tried to load onto the button lift with its tiny little orange landing pad on the menacing rope, I got spit out and snickers arose from the kiddos.... Continue Reading →

Becoming Melis’

The sky has the pregnant look of impending delivery of snowflakes, but I have learned to distrust such things here in the valley floor. I have also realized it is kind of nice to not have to shovel before leaving the house to ski. If it snows above 8,000 feet, I am usually content. Under... Continue Reading →

In the Stream

I am a timid wader, and why that came to mind in the middle of a ski run was a puzzle at first. Then I stopped and watched the riders and shredders whiz by me in their zippy colors disappearing around a bend, and I realized that groomers are just rivers of snow forced into... Continue Reading →

Changing Seasons

Today was the day. The fishing bin came out of the back of the truck. We transitioned a few weeks ago to the smaller tub with just a couple of rods, nets, streamlined fly box, and the necklace of tools. The grain shovel, tow rope, and kitty litter pushed even those few things out today.... Continue Reading →

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