Wallflowers should not build recognizable internet personalities. Blending in to the streambed and hiding in the current is not just for trout--I have always been exceptionally good at the art of invisibility, particularly at conferences. I reckon I could still stealthily work a meeting of attorneys or scientists, getting just enough eye contact to get... Continue Reading →

Opening the Portal

The calendar suggests it is spring in Colorado, however the memo to Mother Nature may have gotten scrambled in delivery. The weather has been squirrely with snow storms and dreary days outnumbering the bluebird, snowmelt-inducing sunny days. Despite that, the canals are open and the rivers are blowing out. The time for tail-water and reservoirs... Continue Reading →

Vicariously Guiding

Some of my happiest days have been the ones spent outdoors with strangers. For a few years the dream was alive that I could at least be a part-time rock climbing and hiking guide. For me, nothing was better than seeing a person, especially the teenage girls, transform from nervous novice at the base of a... Continue Reading →

Season Opener

There were about eight hours last week when I was in fishing limbo and I did not like it. Not having a current fishing license in Colorado felt a bit like staring at the ski pass on my coat the morning after closing day. The situation of lawful fishing is easier to rectify than scratching... Continue Reading →

Backpacking Jones Hole

I don’t normally broadcast fishing destinations. We all covet the secret spot, the stash of fish in a pretty place that no one knows about. Yet I feel like keeping this to myself would be a sin, the feral Baptist in me rears its head.  Thou shalt not prevent fellow anglers from having a great... Continue Reading →

There’s a Dam On My River

Raised in a state that enjoys abundant clean water stored in thousands of natural lakes carved long ago by glaciers, I grew up hostile to the concept of strangling rivers. And, the good fortune of all those sparkling lakes meant I could carry my monkey wrench and rant against concrete.  Fifteen years in Oklahoma with... Continue Reading →

In the Stream

I am a timid wader, and why that came to mind in the middle of a ski run was a puzzle at first. Then I stopped and watched the riders and shredders whiz by me in their zippy colors disappearing around a bend, and I realized that groomers are just rivers of snow forced into... Continue Reading →

Changing Seasons

Today was the day. The fishing bin came out of the back of the truck. We transitioned a few weeks ago to the smaller tub with just a couple of rods, nets, streamlined fly box, and the necklace of tools. The grain shovel, tow rope, and kitty litter pushed even those few things out today.... Continue Reading →

Stick Fishing

A few weeks back when the aspens leaves were still clinging to the trees and painting the world in golden colors we set out with our fishing gear and a thermos of margaritas (often an essential piece in our day hike ensemble). There were rumors of an “okay” lake with a bounty of trout and... Continue Reading →

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