Fishing without a reel–just a compact rod, some line, and a fly–that’s how I like it.

I was writing about our adventures long before I was using tenkara methods for fly fishing. Happiness just all consolidated about the time I picked up that first rod and tossed a fly into a clear alpine lake. It also happened to coincide perfectly with the year we took a leap, packed up life as we knew it, and moved to Colorado. We simplified our existence and took up simplicity in our fishing style.

I love the easy feel of the bamboo in my hand and a kebari fly at the end of my line. It is a beautiful way to engage a fish in a dance. Straightforward and clean. It suites me. So does tying my own tenkara flies.

The move to Colorado means we have many more fishing days. The fishing bins stay in the truck, just in case the stream or lake beckons us to stop. Tenkara makes it possible to always be ready when the opportunity presents itself.

There are more reasons that this chick prefers tenkara but you’ll have to follow my blog to keep discovering them.


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